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What to expect...

  1. Once you reach out to me, we'll set up a complimentary virtual consultation to thoroughly discuss your digital requirements and preferred timeline.

  2. Following our consultation, I'll provide you with a detailed breakdown of services required and the overall project cost. Payments are only due upon project completion.

  3. To ensure a comprehensive understanding of your business and objectives, we'll collaborate using a shared Word document.

  4. During the draft review phase, we'll refine the project by incorporating your feedback, identifying areas for enhancement, and pivoting if necessary.


My objective is to tailor solutions that precisely meet your needs, crafting designs that are intuitive and content that is clear. I strive to offer budget-friendly assistance and enjoy imparting knowledge on navigating the WIX hosting platform. My aim is to empower clients to manage their digital presence independently, while remaining accessible for ongoing support whenever required.


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